Input on the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy

This spring I was asked to join the Sustainable Development Advisory Council to provide feedback to the Canada's Minister of Environment and Climate Change on the nation's Federal Sustainable Development Strategy (FSDS).  I am humbled and excited about the opportunity to share input on the strategy and play a small part in shaping the way we approach sustainable development as a country.

The Federal Sustainable Development Act adopted in 2008 sets out the requirement "to require the development and implementation of a Federal Sustainable Development Strategy and the development of goals and targets with respect to sustainable development in Canada"The FSDS is the government’s plan and vision for a more sustainable Canada. It outlines how 37 federal government departments and agencies are working to create a sustainable economy and protect the environment for the next three years. It also outlines the Government of Canada’s environmental sustainability contributions to the 2030 Agenda, a set of global sustainable development goals.

This the third iteration of the strategy and the government has gone far and wide to solicit feedback from Canadians about their views on sustainable development.  The strategy is centred around 5 main priority areas:

  • ŠTaking Action on Climate Change
  • Clean Technology, Jobs and Innovation
  • National Parks, Protected Areas and Ecosystems
  • Freshwater and OceansŠ 
  • Human Health, Well-being and Quality of Life

I encourage you to check out the strategy for yourself on the interactive website and submit your own feedback or you can download my submission below.